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aph_artcontest's Journal

APH Fanart Contest
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aph_artcontest is a weekly fanart contest centered around Axis Powers Hetalia.
•The concept and structure of this community was obtained from hetalia_contest (with permission of course)

Friday: A post is made with the new prompt for that week and the winners are announced for the previous week.
Saturday-Tuesday: Entries are submitted. All entries should be submitted by the end of Tuesday.
Wednesday: A voting post is made. Voting continues throughout the weekend. All votes should be made before the end of Wednesday.
*Note: Moderators run on PST (Pacific Standard Time), prompt posts will be made around 6:30 AM and voting posts will be made around 6 AM (and so you don't have to do the calculations in your head, go here for a clock)

•Winners will be given a banner located here. Banners are to be used only by the people who's names are on them.
•You are not obligated to post every week! You only have to do the prompts that you want.


•All entries must be properly formatted before being submitted using this form:

•The title must also be in the post title along with the week and the prompt.
Example: "Week 200; Alfred: The Best Title Ever"
•There are no restrictions regarding style or rating. We accept all entries, be it a sketch or a fully colored piece.
•Each entrant may only submit one entry per week.
•Collaborations are permitted, but both names must be on the entry.
•Entries may be reposted to different communities, but somewhere on the entry must say that this entry as also cross posted to aph_artcontest.
•Even though we accept all ratings, we expect that they be properly marked. If you submit a piece with mature content, please put the appropriate rating.
•Comics are not allowed. A very small amount of words are allowed on the entry (under 10), but it is preferred if you don't include any at all. We suggest that you make a caption or something of that nature in the notes section of your post.
•Original characters are allowed, but must be accompanied by at least one character from the series.
•Please tag your entrees appropriately.


•Every 5 weeks we will have a comic week! (Ex: week 5, week 10, week 15, etc.)
•Comic weeks will double as recycling weeks, meaning that the comic for the 5th week will be based off of prompts of the previous four weeks.
•Comics must convey a story or punchline, they cannot be a collection of pictures with no connection.
•All of the normal rules for entries apply with the exception of the word cap.
•Comics can have as MANY WORDS AS YOU WANT. There is no limit, but you may also have a comic without words if you believe it conveys the message well enough.
•Comics can be as long or as small as you want, but MUST be more than one panel to be considered a comic.
•Please include which prompt of the four you are using in your title (Ex: Week 500: Comics//Prompt: Best title ever)


•Voting starts on Saturday when the voting post is made and ends Monday when the winners post is made. Any votes posted before or after this time will not be counted.
•The voting format is as follows:
1. (The title of your first choice)
2. (The title of your second choice)
3. (The title of your third choice)
•The first choice will be given 3 points, the second 2 points, and the third 1 point.
•You may vote for yourself, but you may not submit more than one vote. If you believe that you have made a mistake and want to change your vote, you may comment again with a note at the bottom explaining that you have changed your vote.
•Comments will be screened on the voting post, so there is no reason to make anonymous comments, thus, they will not be counted.


•No flaming! Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated, but anyone who makes a disrespectful comment will be warned and have their comment deleted.
•Only post ENTRIES on this community. All other posts will be deleted immediately.
•Plagiarism is NOT tolerated. Anyone caught plagiarizing another person's work will be IMMEDIATELY banned. If you think that another contestant has plagiarized someone, PLEASE report it to a mod and give a link to where you think this person has plagiarized from.
•On the topic of plagiarism, tracing or copying another person's work is also considered plagiarism. The entries submitted here must be YOUR work and YOUR ideas.

If a person breaks one of these rules, they will be dealt with by floofers and either warned or banned from the community.



•If you have any questions, ideas for future prompts, need to report plagiarism, flaming, or any other problem, please contact floofers.